Monday, November 1, 2010

Window Placement

When I sat down and thought of what I must have in my new home, two requirements instantly came to mind. Lots of windows and high ceilings were a must. Windows bring the outside in and I adore the outside. I don't exactly want to live outside but I do want to see it from every room in my house. Here are photos displaying just how special and important windows can be.

Who wouldn't want to cook in this light filled kitchen!
Compliments of House Beautiful.

Light from the moment you walk in. Probably not for the modest at heart.
Compliments of House Beautiful.

A soaker tub near a window with a view.
Compliments of House Beautiful

So contemporary and beautiful! The outside living area is a lovely extension of the home.
Compliments of Sunset.

Plenty of light to put on make-up in the morning. The high transom is pleasing to the eye and functional.
Compliments of House Beautiful.

A view of Manhattan is priceless!
Compliments of House Beautiful.

A wall of doors and windows. I bet the outside is just as gorgeous as the inside.
Compliments of House Beautiful.

Sky lights and transoms in the kitchen! This home owner must love light as much as I do.
Compliments of House Beautiful.

What a fun shape! I wan to curl up in that chair with a book.
Compliments of

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Inviting Foyer

One of my requirements in the new house was to have a true foyer...a place that says "welcome friends, please come in". I have always loved the grand foyers that are large enough for a round table in the center with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Ours won't be quite so "Gone With The Wind" like, but I do vow to make it inviting. Here are some of my favorite foyer photos.

Compliments of House Beautiful. The lighting and doors blow me away! 

Compliments of House Beautiful. I am a sucker for anything turquoise so of course this is a favorite. I can see this foyer belonging to a home near the ocean.

Compliments of HGTV. This foyer is big and dramatic but inviting at the same time.

Compliments of HGTV. Although this entry is small, the colorful art and eye catching chandelier are beckoning.

Compliments of HGTV. This foyer is minimalistic but the wood tones create a warm feeling.

Compliments of HGTV. This entry is very orderly and ladylike. The bold patterns in the pillows and mirrors make it interesting.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Eclectic Kitchens

In most homes the kitchen functions as the hub. It's not only the place where we prepare food and beverages, but it often converts to a family workstation, making the island a very important part of the kitchen. I have become very obsessed with the kitchen island and my biggest dilemma is deciding if the island should be constructed in the same wood tone as the cabinets. And then there is the question of the counter tops! Same as the other kitchen counter tops or different? I like seeing daring homeowners opt for mismatched choices.  Here are some fun eclectic kitchens where matchy, matchy does not apply. Photos compliment of House Beautiful.

Coastal Living

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


In the new house, my daughter will have a dedicated play space. No more dolls, books, and games overtaking the family room! Here are some of my favorite pictures of playrooms.

Pottery Barn, of course!

Another Pottery Barn favorite

Compliments of HGTV

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bling, bling

What lady does not just love a pretty crystal chandelier? In our current home, my daughter Grace's room is the only room with some sparkly. What a lucky girl! In our next home, I think I will put a crystal chandelier in MY bedroom!

Alexandra Rae designer

Monday, October 11, 2010


One of the hottest trends in design is to re-purpose something. I truly hope this is not just a trend however, because we are all doing mother earth good when we find new ways to reuse old items. A favorite re-purpose design idea of mine is to take an old piece of furniture and turn it into a bathroom vanity. What character and original charm this old sideboard has!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Barn Doors

There is something very alluring to me about using barn doors in the interior of a home. What a brilliant concept! A little unorthodox, but this is the attraction. I think I will put a barn door on my new office. Here is a beautiful wood one. I love the unevenness of the wood grain and especially the hardware used to mount the door. Yee ha!